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Posted on 06-30-2016

Getting older has never bothered me. I tend to round up to the next year just a few days after a birthday anyway. The reason I am ok with aging is that I know the quality of my life at any age is completely in my control. I am also confident that the actions I have taken in the past and continue to take are supporting my health at any age. I was 20 years old when I first saw a chiropractor. That’s 20 years too late based on the knowledge I now have about chiropractic and the role of the central nervous system.

     I will be 36 at the end of this month, which means that I have been under regular chiropractic care (once per week or once every two weeks) for the past 16 years. I get adjusted every week whether I feel good, bad or ugly. The expected outcome for me is not how I will feel, but on knowing that I will function better. The nervous system is responsible for my function, and therefore my health, 100% of the time.  I get my spine checked and adjusted because the central nervous system lives in our skull and spinal column. If it was located in my big toe then I would get that checked every week.

     Continually removing stress from my nervous system has allowed me to heal from some of my own health challenges and continue to get healthier every year. As a child I had such bad sinus issues that I had to sleep propped up on a stack of pillows to breathe at night. I was addicted to nasal spray until chiropractic because without it I couldn’t inhale air through my nose. In high school and college I worked in various restaurants and would limp from my car to my house after a long shift because of intense low back pain. By the time I finally saw a chiropractor I was having migraines at least two days a week and was popping Excedrin like candy.

     This is all hard to believe if you know me now. I have none of these issues anymore. I wanted to share my story because I hope that you and your loved ones won’t wait until an issue develops. Maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system allows you to heal and get healthier than you even were before. I am living proof! I am excited for my birthday because I know my best days are now and those to come.  Cheers to healthy aging!

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